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Put your notes away and #2 pencils out. OK, you can use your notes or rather the links for the women in history that we have highlighted for you. When you have all the answers, copy and paste the questions with your answers and send it to Denise using the email link below.  Roni has supplied a prize for all of you who get every question right, and at the end of the month we will distribute the prizes and reveal the answers!!  :)

Ready, set, GO!!

Women in History Biographies
* Boadicea * Joan of Arc * Eleanor of Aquitaine * Kate Sheppard * Cleopatra * Josephine Baker  *
* Mata Hari * Helen Keller * Sojourner Truth *

(note: The Helen Keller page is only viewable on IE)

1. Whose troops finally bested Boadicea?
2. Which famous son of Eleanor of Aquitaine released her from prison?
3. Joan of Arc escorted the Dauphin to become which king of France?
4. Kate Sheppard is featured on what monetary item?
5. What was Josephine Baker's rank & title during WWII?
6. What is the name of Cleopatra's child?
7. What other well known African - American woman helped Madame C.J. Walker extend her fame into Europe?
8. In a ten year period, how many slaves did Harriet Tubman personally escort to the North?
9. Who was the last poet to recite a poem at a Presidential Inauguration?
10. How tall was Sojourner Truth believed to be?
11. What Senator spoke at Helen Keller's funeral?
12. What does the name Mati Hari mean?


Many thanks to Roni for making these pages and compiling the quiz!

Our appreciation to all the members of the Festivities Team who worked so hard and so enthusiastically to create the individual pages!

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