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Quiz Answers

1. Whose troops finally bested Boadicea? Suetonius
2. Which famous son of Eleanor of Aquitaine released her from prison? Richard the Lionheart
3. Joan of Arc escorted the Dauphin to become which king of France? Charles VII
4. Kate Sheppard is featured on what monetary item? The $10 note in New Zealand currency
5. What was Josephine Baker's rank & title during WWII? She became an
"honorable correspondent" and became  sub-lieutenant in the Women’s Auxiliary of  the French Air Force.
6. What is the name of Cleopatra's child? Caesarion
7. What other well known African - American woman helped Madame C.J. Walker extend her fame into Eurpope? Josephine Baker
8. In a ten year period, how many slaves did Harriet Tubman personally escort to the North? about 300
9. Who was the last poet to recite a poem at a Presidential Inaguaration? Robert Frost in 1961.
10. How tall was Sojourner Truth believed to be? Six feet.
11. What Senator spoke at Helen Keller's funeral? Lister Hill.
12. What does the name Mati Hari mean? Eye of Dawm.

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