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The Granddaughter

My husband's paternal grandfather died when his father was about 16. He had two sons and had always wanted a daughter. When my husband was 8, his mom had his lil sister. One night my mother-in-law laid her daughter to sleep...her head always pointed towards the window in her room. Later that night, my mother-in-law had a dream that a man was holding her daughter. She awoke and checked in on her daughter. 

She found my sister-in-law turned around. This was just a few days after her birth, so she couldn't move herself yet. 

The next morning my mother-in-law was telling the dream to my husband's maternal grandmother. Grandma got up and brought back a picture. "Is this the man you saw?" My mother-in-law answered, "Yes!" It was a picture of her long dead husband...a picture that she had never shown my mother-in-law before that morning. 

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