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Chester - Denise
Chester in the middle of town there is a place called The Cross.  It's where the 4 main streets cross each other.  On one corner is an old stone church and on the others are shops which are in old historical buildings (Chester is a very old English town with mock Tudor architecture).  Across the road there used to be a kind of tavern where the brides would prepare before the ceremony in the
church and from the window they could see their bethrothed making their way down the street to the church.  Legend has it that a couple who were very much in love were due to be married one day and the bride was waiting in the tavern as tradition demanded.  One of the groom's friends came to visit before the groom arrived and decided to play a joke on the bride.  He told her the groom had changed his mind and wasn't coming.  Feeling pleased with himself he went away to accompany the groom up the street to the church.  As they made their way up the street the groom suddenly stopped and looked in horror.  From where he stood he could see hanging from the upstairs window his bride, still fully dressed in her wedding gown.  She had hanged herself out of desperation when she thought he wasn't coming.  Legend has it that on the same day each year if you stand in the
right spot you can see exactly what that young man saw on what should have been the happiest day of his life - his sweetheart hanging from the window of the tavern.

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