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No Smoking - Denise
In the late 1990s I lived in England for 4 years.  During that time I flatted with a friend of mine in her house in Chester.  Her  Mother had died in the house some years earlier.  I never felt scared there but sometimes strange things would happen.
I remember one time I was alone in the house washing the dishes.  It was fairly late at night and I got a sudden feeling someone  was watching me.  I thought I was just being silly and continued with what I was doing.  The feeling continued though and just as
I was finishing up I put a glass upside down on the benchtop.  I turned around to put some things away when I heard a knocking noise and I turned back to the bench.  The glass I had just put down was shaking and moving toward the edge of the counter.  All
the other dishes around it were still.  I grabbed the glass just before it was about to fall off the benchtop.  To this day I have no explanation for what happened.
Another thing I remember is seeing a little light in my room sometimes.  At this time I was a bit of a party girl and used to right it off as either tiredness or having drunk too much wine!!  The house was a non-smoking house but one night I was desparate for a
cigarette and figured that it wouldn't hurt if I hung out the window to have one.  I was about halfway through when I heard someone coming up the stairs.  I figured it was just Meriel (my flatmate) getting something from her room and continued hanging
out the window.  A couple of minutes later I felt someone tap my shoulder.  I thought Meriel had smelt the cigarette somehow and had come to tell me to quit it and turned around.  There was no one there.  I quickly put out my cigarette and went into
Meriel's room.  She wasn't there and when I went downstairs to tell her what had happened she said that she had been down there talking on the phone the whole time!!  Her Mum had died of cancer and we figured that it was her trying to tell me to stop smoking!

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