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The Festivities Team members have submitted the following tips to help us cut down on the amount of waste we produce and save money at the same time!

On Earth Day please take note of the things you throw in the bin.  Can you put them to better use??


Save empty butter tubs and other containers for storing 

Plastic Shampoo, Lotion, Conditioner bottles, etc.: After you think 
you got the last bit out of the bottle, let it sit for at least day 
(or more). Then take a big sharp knife and cut it off about an inch 
up from the bottom. Scrape out whatever's left in there to top off 
your next bottle. You'd be surprised how much stuff you still find 
left in there!

I reuse my plastic bags from the grocery store to use in my smaller garbage 
cans around the house.

I also try to reuse my plastic ware at work. Or even better is to bring in a 
spare set of utensils from home as well as the coffee mug.

I use a re-useable lunch bag or lunch box to bring my lunch in, as well as 
using plastic sandwich boxes instead of plastic bags.

I also use plastic lids from Coffee cans, sour cream etc.. to cut my own 
stencils for painting.

If you take the plastic bottles 
for soda (3 litres size) fill them with colored water and add marbles replace 
the lids... screw on tight. 6-8 is good in a group you can tie them together 
with just about anything and top with a piece of plexi-glass makes a great 
coffee table..

Reuse empty plastic bottles by cutting them in half, fill one half with soil and plant seedlings,
fit the other half back over the top and you have a mini greenhouse.

Plastic bags tied around stakes can keep young seedlings safe from 
frost and pests. Later on you can tie just one end to the stake and
in the wind it will act as a 'scarecrow' to keep birds away.

Cut a plastic bottle out in the shape of a scoop for laundry detergent,
powders, flour etc... bigger ones can be nailed to the end of a
stick to use as a 'pooper-scooper'.


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