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The Festivities Team members have submitted the following tips to help us cut down on the amount of waste we produce and save money at the same time!

On Earth Day please take note of the things you throw in the bin.  Can you put them to better use??


Donate old and unused books to literacy centers, libraries, youth 
centers, or retirement homes. 

Did you know that if you are laying down cement patio black that newspaper 
makes a great barrier that not only prevent weeds growing between the cracks.. 
but holds back new growth of grass under the patio blocks..

I use paper (after I shred it) for packing materials for my glassware.

You can use paper (most any kind) and make beads for jewelry (that's a craft most kids love to do).....

You can make your own paper from different scraps of paper.

I personally use the tubes from paper towel rolls for storing 
panty hose they fit nice and no runs, also I stuff the tubes with plastic 
grocery bags and keep them inside a drawer where I keep all my other lunch 
bags etc.

I use egg cartons to start all my seedling in the early 
spring, this works great.  I usually start 
6 weeks before the spring. I fill each egg cup up with dirt and then add 
the seed, spray with water, close the container and slide in a used bread 
bag. Keep in a sunny place.

When you've finished with newspapers you can shred them, put the paper in a bucket 
with water overnight. In the morning drain off the excess water and
put the wet paper in a rectangle shaped plastic box and press down very hard.
When the box is full, leave the paper to dry and remove. Use the log
as a clean alternative to wood on an open fire (save trees, money and 
less pollution).


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