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The Festivities Team members have submitted the following tips to help us cut down on the amount of waste we produce and save money at the same time!

On Earth Day please take note of the things you throw in the bin.  Can you put them to better use??


Used Liquor boxes with the separators in them for storing shoes 
instead of buying plastic shoe trees (use mactac to make 
them pretty.)

I reuse my plastic bags from the grocery store to use in my smaller garbage 
cans around the house.

If you have access to those sturdy, lidded cartons that copy paper is 
delivered in: Use instead of purchasing expensive storage boxes. 
Decorate the visible parts with either leftover wall- or wrapping 
paper or even fabric (white glue works marvelous), or splurge on a 
roll of Contact Paper. Instant storage, even furniture!

Reuse the onion net bag wash it good (most I have used are sewn ends) 
and use as a garment washing bag in the washer for hose, socks or whatever.

I use the bubble wrap that comes in packages to add texture to walls when I 
paint, some times the styrafoam I use to cut out letters, I paint them.. in 
my kitchen I have made words like Fresh Herbs... that I have on the header 
above my cupboard.

If you have large pots for plants that don't have any drainage (because
you have them inside or they were made without a hole in the bottom), you
can break up the styrofoam that comes in packaging and place it in
the bottom of the pot before putting the soil in.

Keep the clear plastic containers that takeaways come in. They are
good for a multitude of things, storage, for leftovers, for freezing food,
for taking on picnics for food or utensils, they're easily
stackable and you can always see what's in them.


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