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The Festivities Team members have submitted the following tips to help us cut down on the amount of waste we produce and save money at the same time!

On Earth Day please take note of the things you throw in the bin.  Can you put them to better use??


Pull weeds instead of using harsh herbicides.

Bring a coffee mug to work instead of using the plastic and 
styrofoam cups for water and coffee. 

Use a mixture of part vinegar and water to wash windows 
instead of harsh chemicals.

While waiting for the shower to reach the right temperature, place 
a bucket under the waterfall, use the excess water to water you 

Donate broken electronic equipment and appliances to the 
Electronics department at your local vocational school. 

Did you know you can make pesticide for plants by boiling water and adding 
Rosemary??? Works great on Ant and other pests

Did you know that Vaseline around a garden pot can detour snails, slugs

Did you know using cold left over tea is a GREAT way to wash wood floors 
they shine beautiful

Did you now ketchup makes a great copper and brass cleaner?

Buy your bath soap in bulk packages, then unwrap them before storing 
(in your closet perhaps, smells nice!). Fresh soap contains a lot of 
moisture, making it disappear so much faster with use. But a nicely 
dried-out bar of soap will last twice as long. (More soap for you, 
less soapy suds for the environment!)

Take soap bits leftover and grate them, then put the gratings 
into pantyhose that you have cut up and tied to make instant 
washing poofs with soap.

Collect leftover soap bits, put a bunch of them into a an empty jar. 
Add a bit of water and let them go all soft. If needed, add more 
water to work them into a smooth, not too thick paste. Instant 
liquid soap! (Easy to use when filled into an empty shampoo bottle.)

I use a re-useable lunch bag or lunch box to bring my lunch in, as well as 
using plastic sandwich boxes instead of plastic bags.

A habit I have that my hubby hates is that I never throw out lil 
ketchup/mayo packets from fast food places. I always save it.

Also I use coffee cans, Pringle cans, International coffee cans to house 
cookies and stuff I make at Christmas. I usually hodge pidge the outside, or 
paint (tin cans) stencil, hot glue fabric to the plastic lid add a few 
tassles and there you have a creative container for giving treats or storing.

My son and I are always making frames, we usually save the wine corks in our 
house and then split them.. and glue them on to frames.. as well as shells 
and buttons.

When dusting I use old socks on each hand... no paper towels... just me 
and two sock puppet dusting!! 

Planting mint around your kitchen window will help keep flies away.

Burning candles scented with citrus scents will keep away mosquitoes.


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