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The Festivities Team members have submitted the following tips to help us cut down on the amount of waste we produce and save money at the same time!

On Earth Day please take note of the things you throw in the bin.  Can you put them to better use??


Reuse glass jars to hold bolts, screws, loose change, pens, and 
other household items. 

Jars I tend to use for making candles.

Since they come in so many different sizes, they make great 
containers for leftovers in your fridge. No mystery .. one look and 
you know what you got. No matter what you store in them, unlike 
plastic containers, there's never any lingering food smell. Some 
foods (especially things containing raw onion) might take a double-
layer of clingfilm under the lid (doubly secured with a rubber band) 
to keep even the most intrusive food-smells inside the jar. This 
double-layer of clingfilm (reusable!) under the lid seems to prevent 
rust in any case.

Use larger jars for decorative containers, either paint the lids or 
wrap them in tinfoil, over that perhaps a layer or two of coloured 
clingfilm, or hotglue on a pretty fabric scrap. Store your beans, 
lentils and other such goods in them (you can even paint or glue on 
designs to match your kitchen decor).

For gift-giving, fill a jar with home-made goodies (cookies, baking 
mixes, etc.), decorate the lid (or even the whole jar) to suit the 
occasion, then tie a pretty bow right under the lid.

Decorated with appropriate ribbons, some jars even make great vases.

In a pinch, one of your smaller jars will double as a handy drinking 

Another use for glass jars is to hold grease from meat after cooking.

Another gift idea I use a lot is saving neat wine bottles. Once I 
have the label soaked off and the bottle is clean.. I layer different 
colored beans and lentils.. making it a rainbow of colors. I tie raffia 
around the neck and give it as a housewarming gift.


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