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Gramma Nancy's cookie kitchen


Shari’s Globes
The very first stop for Globe Adoptions! She even has Princess Di globes!


The first internet Dollz Adoption agency (Real dolls)


You will see pups behind their cage doors and when you adopt one he/she will be sent to you without the cage


if you are a cat fancier...You will see kitties behind their cage doors and when you adopt one he/she will be sent to you without the cage


If you are a lover of the wild animals, 
here it the adoption place for you..
Bearadise, The Teddy-Adoption Site
Please don't feed the bears, They're stuffed already

~Alexis, The Angel of Peace~
Alexis would like to come and live on your page, to be a reminder of this hope the whole year long.
Realm of the Fairies Pixie Dragon Adoptions
Elemental Pixie Dragons,Guardian Pixie Dragons,Winter Baby Pixie Dragon.


Adopt Holiday Creatures


Sunshiney's Strange Stuff Adoption
Unusual and very pretty ....but strange..


Sunshiney Cyber_Adoptions _ Cyber_Pets
Baby-aliens, Crater Creature Eggs, Mermaids, 
Furry Animals, Unicorns, Guardians, and more.


Pooh's Beary Special Adoption Center
Can you give a needy bear a beary special home?

Amanda's Page Guardian Adoption Agency
Adopt a beautiful Guardian for your own web page. 
Match the themes of your website from the 100s of Guardians available!


Bear Jests
Adopt colorful sea elves and companion fish 
cyberfriends for your kid safe, personal website


Sprites! _ Asynjur's Fae Haven
Read about the various kinds of Sprites when you visit each section. 
Each nature Sprite comes in a rainbow of colors!


The Birthstone Faeries
These Birthstone Faeries want to help you celebrate your birthmonth! 
Each faerie is holding the Birthstone that represents each different month
A Fairy world
Adopt a fairy in a bottle, a fairy in a crystal, a house plant, a balloon, 
Valentine balloons, a Fairy Shadow Box, Snow Globes

Adopt a Guardian Totem


Birthstone/zodiac adopt
These zodiac/birthstone plaques are available for your personal webpages.


Bottled Adoptions
Please take one of these bottles home with you. 
Everything in them has been bred in captivity and is quite at home in their own little world


The Enchanted Hollow
The most beatiful adoptables on the internet!


HippieChix Dollz
These are the some avatars I've made. Sorta..  
I got these at The Palace, and edited them with Paint Shop Pro 7.


These graphics are perfect for gifts for birthdays,secret games, or "just because".

LuvBug Central
Here you can take a LuvBug home with you. You can even take a set of LuvBugs!


Melody_Sue's Flower Children
Adopt a cool tree


Pooh's Pandas!
These adorable panda's are just waiting for someone to give them a beary special home


The Funny Page!
Adopt_a_Globe! Just copy and past the html below and a different globe will show every week. As you look at my globes, you will notice that some will be considered "R" rated.  
I do make all styles so keep this in mind when adopting a globe. 
They are never in bad taste




The first internet Dollz Adoption agency


Heavens Door
A Collection of Religious Gifts that are beautiful beyond words!

Women With Attitude Cybercard Pages Listings
Women With Attitude Secret Angels Page

The Founders and Members of Women With Attitude would like to offer our sincere thanks to Jim Warren for his kind permission to use this image as our logo.

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